How-to use Analytics

March 31, 2010

Anybody can be a Google Analyst !

Follow along for 30 seconds and you will be well-rewarded!

Learn how to connect to Google Analytics from within Excel.

In this example, you’ll see how to request visitor type and Page Views. And then you are ten seconds away from seeing the trend of visitor types over the last few days.

Step 1: Start Nextanalytics’ Google Analytics Connector

Step 2: Login to Google Analytics (you need to know your google userid and Google Analytics password)

Step 3: Choose which Google Analytics dimsions and metrics you want. Hint: Keep any one report simple, use multiple specialized reports if you have broad analytical needs).

Step 4: The dates go on the columns automatically — the trend of each type of visit just leaps out at you

Step 5: See it as a chart… You can see for each day when the balance between new and repeat visitors shifted.  What happened on those days? Was it a blog update? New graphics? A Press Release?

DONE — And it took less than 15 seconds!  And I have valuable data sitting right here in Excel for me to do anything I want with it.


March 20, 2010

Tips for building a compelling and iron-clad business case!

Develop your pitch

• Get valuable Google Analytics information directly into Excel!
• Study segments, download data from the web about Tribes, geo-demographics, psychographics, and demographics and analyze it with Nextanalytics
• Get the data from your Ordering system, Analyze customer buying histories
• Get CRM data and analyze your customers’ memberships, demographics, retention
• Look at your most popular products and services being purchased or asked about, analyze it geographically, find out what’s driving your business
• Download industry trends and practices, use the numbers in your analysis

Establish and monitor your campaign

• Compare sales and costs, including industry practices
• Optimize campaigns while they are running through customer feedback and surveys
• Optimize SEO, compare web site visits and shopping experiences with purchase behavior
• Find out where funds were spent, how fast, how much it changed, and if it grew
• Track campaign results, adapt, and get better results next time.

How does it work?

Nextanalytics makes it easy to load data and from databases and applications that you use. You can quickly get trends, patterns, comparisons, and segments from it.
• customer history from the accounting system,
• demographics from the CRM system,
• campaign attributes from Google Analytics, and
• total marketing spend from your budget worksheets.

It’s in Excel, so create a dashboard or simple set of spreadsheets you can circulate and refresh at regular intervals.

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